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Group of fisherman with their fly rods.
Man using Rod Locker that is attached to his vehicle.

We Love Fly Fishing! 

Since 1983

About Asher Rod Lockers

The Asher family began a career in the metal manufacturing sector of the automobile industry in 1983. Our specialty was mainly in the exhaust industry for performance applications with some additional military and industrial applications.

Our other passion has been our love for the outdoors. Especially when it comes to hunting and fishing. We do strive to bring products outdoor person that helps allow for a safe and enjoyable experience.

It did take a substantial amount of development to refine these products. There where the challenges of proper airflow around the Rod Lockers allowing these units to remain quiet and stable at freeway speeds. As well the protection of the items that are transported within our products.


We at the Asher family believe that our products have an important part of ensuring the safe transportation as well as the peace of mind for the owners.

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